What We Fund
Making tangible investments in improving lives and livelihoods.

To maximize the impact of our financial support, the Foster Foundation cultivates long-term partnerships with organizations whose work aligns with our priority funding issues. By identifying well run nonprofit programs with the vision and capacity to get things done, we continue to make sound investments in the people, communities and future of the Pacific Northwest.

Priority Funding Issues

Building strong communities benefits all of us. Improving community life encompasses not only meeting critical needs such as food, housing, healthcare, education and employment, but also enriching community spirt and well-being through the support of artistic expression, cultural programs and sports/recreational opportunities.

We seek to identify and fund under-resourced opportunities to make a difference in these four areas:
We fund emergency and critical human services that support people and families in need. This includes food, emergency/transitional housing, job/life's skills training, counseling and other resources and opportunities that build economic self-reliance.
Social Services and Human Welfare
We support innovative programs that improve literacy, learning and academic success for all ages. Training, tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programs are examples of our outreach in this area.
Social Services and Human Welfare
We provide funding for promising medical research to aid in the understanding, treatment and prevention of diseases. The Foundation also supports hospice care as well as HIV/AIDs research and education.
Social Services and Human Welfare
We nurture the spirt and well-being of Northwest communities by supporting cultural, artistic and recreational activities that engage all ages and populations. Foundation grants help sustain arts organizations and programs that express and grow the creative imagination. We also support community sports/recreational programs, centers and activities that promote health, well-being and teamwork.
Social Services and Human Welfare
Tangible Gifts, Real Impact
"Where possible, the Foundation prefers fulfilling specific requests from our grantees. Past examples of this support include new shower facilities and enhanced security at a women's shelter; large capacity passenger vans for a homeless mission; and updated computer systems at an after school activity center. We feel such tangible gifts address critical needs in a way that has an immediate and lasting impact."

―Michael G. Foster, Jr.
Chairman of the Board
Geographic Reach

With both family and business roots in the Pacific Northwest, The Foster Foundation takes a regional approach to giving. We target our funding to assist nonprofits engaged in our priority funding concerns within Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

In addressing the founders' original intent, the Foundation will expand our philanthropy into smaller, more diverse communities within this five state area over the coming years. We will continue to support existing grantees. But, we desire to learn about and fund other pioneering initiatives and nonprofit programs that address the underserved and disadvantaged segments of this population―especially children, women and seniors.

If your nonprofit is engaged in this work, we'd like to know more about you. To determine if your organization is eligible for funding consideration and how to introduce us to your mission and goals, go here.

How We Fund

Our grant making process has changed. Beginning with our 2017 funding cycle, our grant application process will be by invitation only.

We will no longer accept or review unsolicited grant proposals or funding requests. Rather, we will directly ask for proposals from organizations whose work and programs have been evaluated by the Foundation and deemed to be a good match to our funding strategies. Learn more.